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Did you know that apart from cute animals and amazing travel photos, Instagram is one of the most accessible ways to get some serious inspiration for your custom packaging? From the feeds of dedicated packaging companies to accounts showcasing the best of the best in packaging, Instagram makes it easier than ever to spark your creativity and give you plenty of ideas for your next meeting with your packaging designer.

News flash: we are one of those packaging companies carving out a humble space for ourselves on Instagram! Here’s why you may want to check us out:

See what’s possible at a glance

A quick scroll through our Instagram feed offers a fast and straightforward look at the many styles we offer for your custom printing, plus a few others you may have never seen before! It’s a great way to see what options are available and really spark your imagination.

A showcase of basic and deluxe options

What is foiling? How glossy is the most basic printing option compared to others? We offer answers to these questions and much more in our posts! They’re a great starting point to understanding the many packaging options available and may be all you need to get something wonderful started!

Packaging tips and knowledge

Curious about the difference between digital and offset printing or looking to pick up some general packaging knowledge? This is the place! From comparing box types to statistics that help guide your business decisions, you can expect useful fast facts that help you get packaging that looks and performs amazingly.

Social media is amazingly diverse in content—and we aspire to go beyond the typical fare to educate and empower. Check us out on Instagram @boxprintingcompany, or alternatively get started with a quote at!