Custom Packaging for Cannabis Products


Here at box printing company we can ensure that your packaging is child safe. Some states in the US require that the Custom Cannabis Products Packaging be opaque, so that the product is not visible unless the packaging has been opened. Once the Poison Prevention Packaging Act was approved in the year 1970, child-resistant packaging has played a very important role in reducing the number of accidental poisoning incidents caused to children by gaining access to the dangerous domestic substances. All the certified child-resistant packaging should pass federal testing procedures, which will ensure that children under the age of five years will face problems when opening Custom Cannabis Products Packaging. Cannabis products should also have packaging which is re-sealable so that the unused servings can be retained securely while keeping it fresh and out of the reach of small children. For more information about our Custom Cannabis Products Packaging feel free to contact us at the Box Printing Company. Our professionals will be more than happy to guide you towards getting the best child proof packaging ever.