Is It Better to Get Custom Packaging Done Overseas?

Low pricing is one of the first things business owners look for in their custom packaging, and understandably so. What entrepreneur wouldn’t want to keep their production costs down to maximize their bottom line? However, product packaging has always been very much an investment, and ordering from packaging companies offering attractive pricing has its own hidden dangers.

Many packaging companies offering amazingly low prices are able to do so because they outsource their production to countries overseas. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, it can often cause headaches for the following reasons:

Taxes and tariffs:

Many aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs score themselves excellent deals on custom packaging created overseas, only to find themselves grappling with surprisingly high tariffs and other related costs once the job is done.

Longer turnaround:

Compared to American-made packaging, which can take as little as seven business days to complete, packaging made overseas can take several weeks or more to produce, including significant time for shipping back to the United States. This requires extra effort in planning logistics and can pose a problem for business owners with tight deadlines.

Quality issues:

While packaging made overseas is not necessarily a marker of inferior quality, it is fairly common for business owners to find upon receiving their finished packaging that the material is too thin to adequately protect their product or that something went wrong with the printing itself.

So with all that, is it possible to get packaging done overseas that meets or exceeds your expectations? It absolutely is! However, it’s not without its own risks, and we ourselves have heard several stories of people who chose packaging made overseas for its cheaper pricing, only to switch to American-made packaging due to disappointing results.

From our premium-weight material (available as our standard choice at no extra charge) to our fast turnaround, you can expect genuine quality in your finished packaging order after order, and that’s a promise.

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