What to Know About Getting Custom Packaging During COVID-19

In the age of COVID-19, large swathes of stores and businesses have closed down or reduced hours, creating profound disruption in the lives of millions, including business owners. Per the US Department of Homeland Security, printers and packagers are deemed part of the essential critical infrastructure, and as such, we remain fully operational with our team adhering to mandates and guidance from local and state authorities to keep themselves and everyone safe. So relax—you can still count on a team of highly dedicated experts to craft your custom packaging with the care it deserves, even during these times.

What has changed in getting custom packaging?

To safeguard the health of our local communities, clients, and team members, we are limiting walk-ins during this time and encourage you to discuss your custom packaging with us via email or phone instead. Exceptions include picking up finished boxes from us or discussing packaging issues not easily communicated through email or a call. In either case, please kindly wear a face mask when in our sales office—should you not have any on hand, we provide masks and hand sanitizer.

In addition, similar to how we handle out-of-state clients, we are continuing to send packaging samples through snail mail so that clients can evaluate our overall print quality or review a mockup sample for their own product packaging.

What does the science say about COVID-19 transmission in this scenario?

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, COVID-19 can remain infectious for up to 24 hours on cardboard; outside of the study, however, it has not been shown so far to be transmitted through mail. As noted in articles on handling deliveries safely during the COVID-19 pandemic, the greatest risk occurs if the recipient and the driver come within six feet of one another, but many companies such as UPS have modified their delivery procedures to reduce such contact. Although our entire team is enacting increased sanitation at our office and facilities to reduce transmission and keep everyone healthy, we encourage you to take extra care with any delivered samples or finished packaging if you feel more comfortable doing so.

In these unprecedented times, we remain fully available to serve your packaging needs as we always have and instilling what normalcy we can in our clients’ business lives. As always, we encourage you to take care and stay safe.

If you have further inquiries or would like to get started with a quote, just contact us at sales@boxprintingcompany.com!