Will My Packaging Look Exactly Like the Physical Sample Box I Receive?

One of these boxes is not the real thing—can you tell which one? One of the most crucial steps for creating custom packaging is the proofing stage, where you receive a physical sample box (also known as a mockup or a mockup sample) made to your dimensions with your packaging design printed on it. This gives you the chance to see approximately how your packaging design would look on the actual box and to review the aspects of your design for any last-minute changes that need to be made.

The key word here is “approximately.” While the size of your finished boxes will adhere to your requested dimensions and the overall print quality will actually be better than what you see on your sample box, the color on a mockup sample is only meant to be approximate and cannot be taken as an exact match of what you will see on your finished packaging.

Why? Mockup samples need to be done using digital printing, which is a different printing method than the offset printing needed for your final packaging. In addition, the inks and paper needed for creating digital printing are inherently quite different than those needed for offset printing, which accounts for the chance of slight color shifting when comparing your finished boxes with the original sample box.

So would all the colors be off? Is your packaging doomed to be completely different than what you’re seeing on your sample? Not all hope is lost! One of the best things you can do is to tell your printer that you prioritize getting a certain color as accurate as possible and provide them with a physical color swatch of some sort (i.e. a spare product label) so they have something to work with. Alternatively, you can consider working Pantone colors into your design, which results in a greater level of consistency (at an extra cost). Either way, your packaging is always printed by highly experienced professionals who closely monitor the color quality and change the color profiles as needed to make sure your finished packaging meets your expectations. If you’re a stickler for excellence, you’re not alone!

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