How the Custom Printed Boxes are made

Creating the Box Design Template: The box design template or die line is a diagram that shows all the cut lines, scoring lines and perforation lines those will form into the box. It is a flattened form of the box or package. Base on the Box Style and Box Dimension have been chosen, the template will be created by the special packaging software and that is used as a guild-line for the designer to demonstrate the visual layout, un-fold of a box. The template can be saved as Ai Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design or PDF file format.... Read More

How the Custom Printed Boxes would build your products brand

Understanding the features of packaging; The Custom Printed Boxes can help the companies to build their products brand by making their products to be appealed to the consumers. Most consumers make their purchases on the spur of the moment based on the shape and color of the product packaging, and the familiarity of where the product is placed. Choices on what to buy are based on instinct and the interpretation of the senses.... Read More

How the Custom Printed Boxes will bring your Cosmetic Products upscale

Custom Printed Cosmetic Boxes will support your cosmetic products lines to increase sales deal. With the cosmetic boxes those are made from best cardboard materials and machinery to meet the packing needs of the consumers. High technology such as offset printing and digital technologies are used to deliver an appealing cosmetic packaging. Cosmetics boxes are also printed with high definition color technology like process color CMYK and Pantone color technology to achieve the highly eye-catching packaging that will definitely take your business to next upscale level. ... Read More

Improving the appearance of your soap products

Improving your soap product without actually changing its contents provides a new marketing opportunity. Figuring out how to improve your soap product’s sales is not an easy task, especially since most consumers make their purchase decisions in a matter of seconds. There are things you can do, however, with your custom printed soap boxes or packaging can make your products more likely to be bought... Read More

How the Custom Printed Countertop POP display boxes can bring up your product sales

You should have never worried about a store re-purposing your products. The high quality of graphics and design of the custom printed counter POP display will motivates retailers to keep your products stocked and centrally-located... Read More

How the Custom Packaging Affects Purchase Decisions

In reality, no marketing professional can afford to dismiss the importance of product packaging. The assortment of packages on the market today may seem like a haphazard collection of colors and design, the truth is that virtually every example you may find is the result of a long process of research and analysis. The right package can make the difference between success and failure for a product in today marketplace... Read More

What need to know how to design an appealing Food Boxes and Packaging

The primary function of food boxes is not only to protect your food product; it also needs to be attracted. Your product box is your brand ambassador. It should sell itself. This means you need to have a strong brand identity and packaging that communicates information about your product clearly, concisely, and relevant to your target audience... Read More

How to Choose the Right Custom Boxes Style for Your product?

Custom boxes or Packaging does more than just hold a product. It is a way to communicate and expose the differential and position of your product and brand. The graphics designing of outside custom boxes or packaging of a product could be the difference in whether or not your product will get picked up and purchased. In fact, the consumers read on average only some words in an entire the package; picked and buying instinctively by color, shape and familiarity of location. That means the packaging has a big role to do. It must speak for itself and sell a product without saying a word... Read More

Improve Your Custom Product Packaging with a Touch of Foil Stamping

Foil stamping or hot foil stamping, is simply the application of a foil to paper or printed paper using a heated die to enhance high visibility the image, logo. Foil stamping can really make your product boxes and packaging stand out in a store, and is currently being used with many products to help increase sales. The use of foil stamping as additional process of printing can help draw an eye catching to your products package. Products manufacturers are beginning to understand the important role that packaging plays in the sale of products... Read More

Create an Attractive Custom Printed Lip balm Boxes for Your Lip balm Products

Box Printing Company is gladly presents our custom printed cosmetic lip balm boxes. Here we deliver our customization, consultation and design services to our customers, targeting to bring your custom printed cosmetic Lip balm boxes product’s image to higher level or in short, perfection and profession. We all know that women are very particular when it comes to purchasing cosmetics Lip gloss or Lip balm products.... Read More