Custom Printed Straight Tuck End Boxes


“Straight Tuck End Boxes” sounds like a mouthful, but it just refers to the type of box with small side flaps and a larger lid and bottom that push in to close. This popular box style, also known as STEs, are straightforward, cost-effective, and can be highly customized with dividers and other options as needed. Although creative and unusual box shapes typically get more fanfare, many successful businesses use tuck end boxes as the backbone of their packaging!

There are two types of Tuck End boxes: Straight Tuck End boxes, where the top and bottom flaps attach to the same panel, and Reverse Tuck End boxes, where they attach to opposite panels. The choice largely comes down to personal preference, but a Reverse Tuck End box is needed in some cases to ensure the box closes with no problems.

Straight Tuck End boxes are for you if: you need basic custom printed boxes or are looking for a cost-effective option to add special textures, foil, UV, etc. onto

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