Custom Printed POP - Counter Display Boxes


Custom POP (Point of Purchase) counter display boxes are a common packaging option best suited for many small- to medium-sized products. These display cases can be filled, closed, and placed in outer shipping boxes for transportation to stores, then reopened and transformed into counter display boxes in a few simple steps. Best of all, your custom counter display boxes can be configured in many different ways to best suit your products. Pair tear-off panels creating a lower front and angled sides for easy access with a rounded back part that matches your circular logo, or perhaps a U-shaped front cutout with a square back part—it’s up to you! You can even request inserts that help your products stand up straight as the display case gets emptier.

Here are some of the many, many products that work well for POP counter display boxes:

  • CBD tinctures and related products
  • Granola, nutrition, and protein bars
  • Chocolate bars
  • Small toys
  • Travel- or pocket-size products
  • One-time use products
  • Products sold in pouches or blister packs

Custom counter display boxes are for you if: You’re looking to get your products displayed on checkout counters, or if you’re looking to sell master cases of small products (e.g. specialty condiments in pouches)

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Important: In order to receive pricing, please provide the dimensions of your individual product, the configuration (for example, five rows of two), and the number of display boxes needed.


Custom Printed Box Styles Catalog