Custom printing Roll two sides tuck top box style


The roll two sides tuck top box is designed with no gluing process involved. The top lid is connected along with the back side, bottom and front side of the box. The two side of box have additional flaps that roll in, then locks down into pre-cut slits at the box bottom. This box style is required to be assembling by hand. Since there is no gluing involved, it is very economic box style and fast production. The top box panel can have a special die cut shape, so it can be folded half way to be a display panel. This roll two sides tuck top box can be use as the display box as well. It is mostly used as electronic parts boxes, food boxes, retail products boxes and much more. Custom printed roll two sides tuck top box style, with custom box size and shape are printed by full color process printing are available upon of your request. Please contact us for Free roll two sides tuck top box style design template.


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