Custom printing Seal end box style


The seal end boxes are used for the safety of products where security of inner items and innovative structures are required. Most of the seal end boxes feature as a rectangular structure where the top close panel is glued over with the extended flap of the rear panel. The assembly process for these seal end boxes is done during the products fulfillment process. After the seal end box was glued, it becomes a very secured for the sensitive products. These can also be featured with an extra perforation seal for ease in opening. Once this sealed box is opened, then it can never be closed again. So this is an idealistic box solution for the safety of products. The seal end box is used popularly in most of electronic part boxes, cosmetic boxes, food boxes, medicine boxes, pharmaceutical boxes, retail boxes, software boxes. Custom printed seal end box style, custom seal end box size and shape with full color process printing are available upon of your request. Please contact us for Free seal end box style design template.


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