Custom Printed Top Load Hanger Boxes


If your product will be hanging from racks in a store, you’ll need either a “top load” hanger box which opens from the top or a “side load” hanger box which opens from the left and right side. Hanger boxes are mostly straightforward and utilitarian, but can be customized exactly to fit your branding and better engage consumers. Choose a matte finish for sophisticated appeal, add insight with a window, or include some sparkle with metallic foil accents—it’s up to you! You can even request unusual details such as an oversized custom-shape hang tab or pair your boxes with a product insert as needed.

The power of using custom boxes is the ability to envision and realize your dream packaging. What would your own hanger boxes look like?

Custom hanger boxes are for you if: You’re designing packaging that would go on store racks or if you need versatile product packaging

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Custom Printed Box Styles Catalog