Custom Printed Box Sleeves


Custom sleeve packaging falls into two types: box sleeves, which wrap around your box or product and span its entire width, and band sleeves, which have a narrower width. Whichever type you choose, custom printed sleeves are an economical and extremely versatile packaging option that can likely be adapted to your niche. We’ve personally seen them used for meal kits, personal wellness products, music equipment, skincare/beauty products, and much more!

  • Easily add branding and/or a hang tab to your plain boxes
  • More economical than custom-printed boxe
  • Creates a sleeker, more elegant packaging experience
  • Adds extra protection from wear and tear
  • Enhances the unboxing experience
  • Can easily be made without glue for increased eco-friendliness!

Sleeves are for you if: You’re looking to add extra branding, function, and/or luxury to your plain or custom printed products/product boxes, or if you need packaging that leaves some of your product exposed for customers (e.g. clothing items, towels)

Looking for pricing on custom box or band sleeves? Just email us at or click “Custom Quote” in the menu bar above!

Important: In order to proceed to designing your custom box sleeves, it is necessary to send an extra product (e.g. food tray, product box, or whatever the sleeve would wrap around) to our sales office so we can ensure a proper fit.


Custom Printed Box Styles Catalog