Custom printing Hexagon box style


The custom hexagon box style is constructed same as the tuck end box. But there are six side panels only. Both ends are built as tuck in to close and support the sides’ panels. Since there are six side panels, the hexagon box style is almost circular overall shape. So, any product that is round shape can use this box style for packaging. A custom shape of the die cut window can be added on the box top or sides, so the products can be seen without open the tri-angled box. The custom printed hexagon box is very unique, cute and cool box style, so it is used wisely in many products industry suck as wedding gift boxes, bearing boxes, food boxes, baby products boxes, cake boxes and much more. Custom printed hexagon box style, with custom box size and custom full color process printed are available upon of your request. Please contact us for Free hexagon box style design template.


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