Custom Printed Tuck Top-Auto Lock Bottom Boxes


“Tuck Top Auto-Lock Bottom Boxes” sounds intimidating, but this packaging style is actually one of the most common ones used! This type of box, also known as a TTAB, pops open when the opposite corners are pushed toward each other, creating a bottom that locks itself together. On top, the box closes the same way as a Band-Aid box does, with small side flaps and a larger push-in lid (a “tuck top”).

Tuck Top Auto-Lock Bottom boxes are one of the best box options around due to their very fast assembly time and reinforced bottom, making them a convenient and sturdy choice for your custom packaging. Because its construction features a double-layered bottom, TTABs are particularly ideal for heavier products and counter display boxes.

Tuck Top Auto-Lock Bottom boxes are for you if: Your product is heavier (e.g. in a glass jar), on the larger or flatter side, or if you need counter display boxes

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