Custom printing Tuck Top Auto lock Bottom box style


Tuck Top Auto lock Bottom box has a unique feature, the bottom of the box can be locked itself when it is popped up. With the tuck flap on top to tuck in to close and the bottom is pre-glued at bottom, so it can be used to contain heavy weight products. Plus it is more secured than other type of box. The hanger tab can be added, so the box would be able to hang on for displaying in retail stores. The Tuck Top Auto lock Bottom boxes are used popularly in most product industries, such as beverage boxes, drinking product boxes, food boxes, pharmaceutical boxes, retail boxes, software boxes, hardware boxes and much more. Custom printed TTAB – tuck top auto lock bottom box style, custom box size and shape with full color process printing are available upon of your request. Please contact us for Free tuck top auto lock bottom box style design template.


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